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Custom Home

We make finest custom Homes


Sophisticated Project Management

We know time is precious and pride ourselves on taking timelines seriously and finishing jobs on time – and often early! Our in-house project management tool allows us to plan and track job progress while allowing you to plan when every step of the way up to the housewarming party.

Full-Service Solutions

Utilizing team members like our in-house architect and designer, we specialize in providing a full-service solutions portfolio of luxury real estate from the beginning of your custom build to completion.

Find a Property

Whether you own your own lot/property to build on or need assistance in locating the perfect lot of your dreams, Unite Builders will be there every step of the way. We can help you find & build upon desirable lots in perfect family-friendly communities within Calgary Core.

Interested in a Remodel?

Contact us for a complimentary consult of your existing home – or if you’re currently house hunting, feel free to contact us as well. We can  provide thoughts on a home before you submit an offer in on it; guide you on what is possible within a space and provide rough estimates on cost/time to make any improvements.

Detailed information upfront

Through a few upfront discussions and meetings we extract a detailed vision of the project you want and help fill in any remaining blanks. It allows us to provide a detailed, well-informed build cost early on before you even sign a contract with us. This helps you budget appropriately for your project and make an appropriate investment decision for your home before you’re too far down the path.

In-house architect

Leveraging our team member ensures the architect building your home has a clear understanding of your budget and will design a home that precisely fits that. Taking the approvals for this floor-by-floor ensures you can digest choices and make decisions without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. We can even engage 3D rendering tools to help you visualize your new home.

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